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The Spider Gem


Book One of the Portal Chronicles PAPERBACK

Accidentally invoking the power of a magical portal network, three teenagers, Ashley from the USA and two Welsh boys, Rhys and Michael, are pulled into a fantastic world of mythical beasts and creatures. Befriended by centaurs, the trio find themselves at the forefront of a perilous quest to thwart the efforts of an evil warlock and his army of spiders under the control of The Spider Gem and by strange and unfeeling lava rock creatures known as the Graav.

As the teenagers become attuned to their new world they develop unique skills of their own and soon join forces with dwarves, elves and human forces to form an alliance of good. A mighty battle is inevitable as the alliance, led by Gorlan, the human Warlord of Pinn, rush headlong towards confrontation.

The Spider Gem is the first book of the Portal Chronicles. In a fast flowing story it takes the reader from the coast of West Wales, to Oregon and on to the magical world of Portalia.