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The Shimmering Gate


Book Two of The Portal Chronicles PAPERBACK

The continuing tales of Rhys, Michael and Ashley and their adventures in the fantasy world of Portalia.

As their new found skills grow and develop, the teenagers are still searching for a route back to Earth. Rhys, with his ability to create portals is struggling to understand his powers. Michael, now resurrected with the heart of a dragon, fights to make sense of the memories that form in his mind. Ashley, a little jealous of the boys and their powers, soon finds she possesses unexpected abilities of her own.

In an effort to rid Portalia of the evil warlock Weldrock, the OverLord sends his Warlord, Gorlan, on a mission to seek out the island of the ferocious rock-hewn creatures, known as the Graav. Joined in the quest by the teenagers and the twin Pinn riders, Stern and Carl, the expedition must seek the assistance of an ancient race of Sea Elves.

Weldrock, secure on his island hideaway, has finalised his coven of thirteen and called forth the Shii, a group of ruthless female demon sisters. With the strength of his growing knowledge of magic, and the brute force of the Shii, combined with the force of his coven, Weldrock hopes to finally conquer Portalia and make it his own.

Assisted by Gatherer, a curious desert dwelling alien pulled to Portalia by the power of the portals, the Allies must once again thwart the efforts of the warlock and battle to protect the stronghold of Pinnhome.

Will the Allied forces finally defeat Weldrock?

Will the mysterious, Shimmering Gate, offer a route back to Earth for the teenagers?